HyRG: A Random Generation Tool for Affine Hybrid Automata

Luan Viet Nguyen, Christian Schilling, Sergiy Bogomolov, Taylor T. Johnson

HyRG implements methods for randomly generating hybrid automata with affine differential equations, invariants, guards, and resets. Selecting purely arbitrary affine functions would result in generally uninteresting hybrid automata, so instead, we partition the possible random affine functions into potentially interesting classes. For example, we partition the possible affine differential equations by using restrictions on eigenvalues such as those that yield stable, unstable, etc. equilibrium points. We partition the discrete behavior (guards, resets, and invariants) to allow either time-dependent or state-dependent switching, and in particular provide the ability to generate the subclasses of piecewise-affine hybrid automata. Our preliminary experimental results with a prototype tool called HyRG (Hybrid Random Generator) illustrate the feasibility of this generation method to automatically create standard hybrid automaton examples like the bouncing ball and thermostat with reasonable likelihoods.

HSCC 2015 Poster abstract

HyRG prototype tool written in Matlab

Randomly Generated Hybrid Automaton Examples using HyRG

Hyrg began its developement with exlusive support provided by the Air Force Research Laboratory during the summer 2014 Visiting Faculty Research Program (VFRP) at the Information Directorate, in Rome, NY.